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To reach a port we must sail,
sometimes with the wind,
and sometimes against it.
But we must not drift or lie at anchor.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The best way to predict the future
is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again,
this time more intelligently.

Henry Ford

Our team


Ms. Monika Wienskowska-Stronka – founder, Prezes Zarządu /President.

  • Holds MS degree from Management and Marketing program at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland, and a diploma in Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and Finance;
  • External expert for Science and Technology Park in Katowice and Górnośląska Agencja Promocji Przedsiębiorczości (Upper-Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion) in the frames of a PO IG 5.2. Strategic Management in Enterprise project;
  • Judicial expert in the field of infrastructural projects (including airports investments);
  • Author of many articles and interviews in the area of management and outsourcing.

Monika Wienskowska-Stronka

She has gained her professional experience in such consulting companies as: HLB Frąckowiak i Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o. oraz BBF Sp. z o.o. Additionally, she has also worked as an academic instructor in such fields as: business planning, strategic management, and corporate finance management.

Her experience is confirmed by her participation in many completed projects carried out by both business entities and public sector entities. She specializes mostly in preparation of projects co-financed by the EU funding, their final settlement, and in current counseling on possibilities of co-financing investments with such funding. She supervises preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and economic and financial analyses.



dr Dariusz Stronka


Dr. Dariusz Stronka –  founder, Chief Economic and Financial Advisor.

  • Received Ph.D. degree in the field of corporate finance in the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland;
  • Academic instructor and researcher at many higher education institutions and postgraduate programs;
  • Author of articles and books in corporate finance management, financial analysis, capital investments, strategic management and business planning;
  • Business practitioner – has worked or provided economic and financial counseling for such companies as: Świtalski i Synowie, Elmilk sp. z o.o., Grupa Doradztwa Gospodarczego Consiglio, Dom Maklerskiego BZ WBK);
  • External expert for Science and Technology Park in Katowice and Górnośląska Agencja Promocji Przedsiębiorczości (Upper-Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship Promotion) in the frames of a PO IG 5.2. Strategic Management in Enterprise project.

 He uses his knowledge and experience to work at DCF at tasks in the area of consulting for enterprises. He successfully blends theoretical knowledge with business practice. He has lectured at, among others: Poznań University of Technology, at Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa in Konin, Wyższa Szkoła Komunikacji i Zarządzania in Poznań, and  Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa in Poznań. He has instructed many workshops, trainings and postgraduate programs in Poznań, Konin and Katowice. He has been a business practitioner constantly since 1997, when – as a student – he started to cooperate with W.Frąckowiak i Partnerzy - Wielkopolska Grupa Auditingowa sp. z o.o.



dr Agata Kicińska


Dr. Agata Kicińska

  • Received Ph.D. degree in Economics in the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland;
  • Completed course of Social Capital Management and a cycle of training in the Thomas International method;
  • Lecturer and researcher at higher education institutions;
  • Author of articles in management, marketing, and HR;
  • Economic practitioner (runs her own business, before that she was Marketing Consultant, and HR Director);
  • Member of the Polish Association for Human Resources Management.


She successfully binds theoretical knowledge with business practice. She has worked as a lecturer from 1999, teaching at colleges and at various trainings and post-graduate courses in management of own business, entrepreneurship, market research, and HR management in, among others, Wyższa Szkoła Komunikacji i Zarządzania in Poznań, Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego dla Inkubatora Przedsiębiorczości w Poznaniu, Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczno-Humanistyczna in Gniezno and at Poznan University of Technology. During her professional career she worked for, among others, W.T.WITAR, first as Marketing Consultant, and later as HR Director. She was a business consultant at trainings and workshops she instructed. She is very interested in ecology and healthy food. She runs her own business in this area.



Agnieszka Piekarzewska

Agnieszka Piekarzewska

  • Graduated  with MS degree from the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland, currently a PhD student at this university;
  • Received scholarship of the Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, USA;
  • Academic lecturer at WSKiZ in Poznań, Poland,
  • Speaks fluently English, German and Spanish.

During Her 7-year work at a college, she has been responsible for development, and implementation of educational projects in higher education in the areas of, among others, international exchange of students and staff through UE programs, which has included all phases from application for financing, through implementation of projects, and reporting to managing institutions, up to their final settlement. She organizes also meetings and visits of international guests in Poland, and conducts negotiations with universities from Brazil, Germany, Greece, Spain, and the US, she cooperates with on the daily basis.

At the same time, at DCF, she prepares IT projects for implementation of innovative solutions in the field of e-services and realization of business processes in the EU programs, and participates in financial and strategic consulting services for enterprises.

She has gathered experience in college-level instruction in the following courses: corporate finance, corporate finance management, economic and financial analysis, business plan, financial reporting, and financial accounting.




Dr. Szymon Zimniewicz

  • Received Ph.D. degree in Economics in the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland;
  • Completed the post-graduate program in Energy Audits and Certificates;
  • Lecturer at higher education institutions;
  • Member of the Polish Society of Energy, and Director of Department of Energy Measurement in this organization;
  • Economic practitioner (consulting, training and cooperation with enterprises in logistics sector; owner of IFT-SYSTEMS offering services in energy diagnostics of buildings, and consulting).
dr Szymon Zimniewicz

His main interests include logistics and competitiveness. He lectures college-level courses in the field of supply chain management. These fields have also become his area of professional expertise and practice. Collaborating with DCF, he provides consulting services of these areas.

His next area of interest is building diagnostics in energy consumption and application of up-to-date measurement and energy consumption lowering methods. He runs his own business IFT-SYSTEMS, offering services in these areas as well.




Jakub Wienskowski

  • Graduated with MS degree from the Commodity Science Faculty at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland, engineer in product management;
  • Project Specialist in the Center for Applied Technologies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland;
  • Currently, co-founder of the new center for large research infrastructure "Wielkopolskie Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii – Materiały i Biomateriały";
  • Co-founder of „Wielkopolka Chemistry Cluster” – cluster initiative supporting technology transfer processes, co-financed by the EU program ZPORR (2004-2006);
  • PhD student at the University of Economics in Poznań, Poland, where he prepares his PhD thesis on effects of REACH system implementation in production and circulation of chemical substances in the EU.
Jakub Wienskowski

He has gathered extensive professional experience in the area of preparation and realization of investment and research (development) projects for science and research centers and enterprises co-financed by the EU structural funds. He is a co-author of many projects. He is currently involved in development and realization of a development project “Silseskwioksany jako nanonapełnacze i modyfikatory kompozytów polimerowych”.

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